During the NFL Draft last week, the Ravens drafted 10 players. There have also been a few players on our roster who were not drafted out of college, but worked hard to make the team. One of our current starters, Bart Scott, was an undrafted player from Southern Illinois University. He has been with the Ravens for the past 6 years. Since Bart came to the team, he has met with me each year to tailor his nutrition program to compliment his workout program.

Bart has specific nutrition goals during his off season program. He wants to decrease his body fat and increase his strength by customizing his diet to meet the demands of the heavy workouts. When we are working on his nutrition program we include chicken, lean red meat, egg whites, and turkey to meet his protein needs. Bart does not like fish, but fish is a great source of protein to include in your diet. We make sure that these protein rich foods are also low in fat. In order to lower his body fat, we work together to limit the high fat foods that he loves to eat. I recommend extra protein for his heavy workouts to help his muscles repair and recover.

Every year, Bart is motivated to improve his play by making changes in the offseason conditioning and nutrition programs. Since May is Youth Health & Fitness Month, we encourage you to eat right and exercise just like he does. He knows how hard it is to make an NFL team, so he always works hard at his diet and workouts to be in better shape each year. In addition to exercising everyday, it is important to also choice the right foods. Choose foods with quality protein like chicken instead of chicken nuggets or a chicken patty. Another example is eating tuna fish instead of fish sticks. Small changes can make a big difference in keeping you healthy.

We have three mini camps in May, so I will be able to meet the Ravens rookies and help them create customized diets for their needs. It’s an exciting time at our facility because we have a new group of players who are excited to make the team!

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