Playoff Time

The playoffs are coming soon and we want to know who will be in and out. With teams like the Falcons, Packers, Texans, Broncos, and Patriots pretty much locked up, we want to know projections. There are some surprises in this so bear with me.

1. Texans - Will only lose one more game. Nuff Said
2. Broncos - Manning has them playing well, and an easy schedule gives them a bye
3. Patriots - Brady does not lose much late in the year, and the Pats will roll
4. Bengals - Andy Dalton has them playing well, and they will win the division
5. Colts - Andrew Luck will lead his team to a wild card
6. Ravens - The Ravens fall to 9-7 losing all the rest of their games against the Bengals
Broncos, and Giants


1. Atlanta - They are playing well with the high powered offense
2. Packers - They are unstoppable right now
3. 49ers - Something tells me that Alex Smith will come back, Nice run Kaepernick
4. Redskins - I see the Redskins winning out and winning the division
5. Giants - Don't win the division, but sneak in with a wild card
6. Seahawks - Russel Wilson has gotten better each game, and the 'Hawks get a WC

Just Missed the Cut:

Steelers - The Steelers will go 9-7, but the Ravens will make the playoffs because of
the tiebreaker

Bears - The Bears fall short because of the tiebreaker with the Seahawks but finish

These are my playoff picks, What are yours?



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