Players On the Move

Check out who will be playing for new teams this season:

WR Plaxico Burress: A lot of teams looked at Plax but in the end he will join the party in Philadelphia with the Eagles.

RB Ronnie Brown: Another addition for the Eagles, he will add some more talent to the backfield.

QB Vince Young: It seems like the Eagles had all the fun. The picked up Vince as a back-up QB.

TE Zach Miller: He is a top NFLRush Fantasy TE and now he is also a Seahawks TE.

TE Todd Heap: Speaking of TEs, he was picked up by the Cardinals which should help relieve pressure from WR Larry Fitzgerald.

RB Tim Hightower: The former Cardinals RB will be the new Redskins RB this season.

WR Roy Williams: He is done with the Cowboys and will try to get back to elite status this season with the Bears.

RB Willis McGahee: He moves over to the Broncos where they need some stability in the backfield.

Rumor Alert: Giants DE Osi Umenyiora might be looking for a new team. Anyone who picks up this beast will instantly be a defensive force!

What Team Has Made The Best Free Agent Moves?

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