Not An Ordinary Ring

"It's the best ring I've ever seen and I'm not saying it because it's our night. It's an incredible ring."
- Charles Woodson

Have you seen the Green Bay Packers' Super Bowl XLV ring yet? The Packers just had a celebration party last week where they got their rings. At the celebration Charles Woodson said "It's all about getting the ring and this seals the deal."


This year's ring is special to me not only because the Packers are my favorite team, but because the ring contains so many freatures that represent the team. One of the things that represents the Packers, are the four diamonds in the corners that represent how many Super Bowl victories the Packers have. It also has the Packers "G" logo in the middle made up of 13 diamonds, representing the team's NFL record 13 championships. Around the logo are 92 more diamonds representing the 92 year history of the Packers.


Each player's ring is personalized with his name and jersey number. His jersey number is circled just like their retro jersey numbers were last season. In addition to the outside of the ring having the Lombardi trophy and Lambeau Field on it, the inside of the ring has the scores of all four of the Packers postseason victories. Another cool thing about the inside of the ring, is that it has the words Mind, Heart, Purpose, Goal, which were the words Woodson used in his pregame speech to the team before they played the Bears in the NFC Championship game.  


Don't forget to Back-the-Pack.


NFLRush Kid Reporter,

Johnny S

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