NFL's Best Punter?

A punter made the Hall of Fame? What's next, a post on the best punters in the league today?

You bet. Punters do not get the glory but they are a critical piece of winning teams, so we'll show them some love here by giving them NFL RUSH nicknames.

Who's the best punter in the game today?

Brandon Fields - Miami Dolphins

NFL RUSH nickname: the Air Traffic Controller

Fields has proven over the course of his career to be one of the NFL's most consistent and productive punters. His 48.8 average, 5.6 second hang time and just seven touchbacks in his last 82 punts prove he's the real deal.

Johnny Hekker - St. Louis Rams

NFL RUSH nickname: the Rocketman

In just his third season with the Rams, Johnny Hekker is well on his way to being the best in the game. His amazing 5.6 second hag time illustrates how high is booming punts blast into the sky.

Shane Lechler - Houston Texans

NFL RUSH nickname: Professor Lechler

Veteran Shane Lechler specializes in precision placement on his punts. Last season he landed 34 kicks inside the 20-yard line, with only seven touchbacks.

Brad Nortman - Carolina Panthers

NFL RUSH nickname: Thunderfoot

Want power? How does a 47.4 net average and a long punt of 72 whopping yards grab you?

Andy Lee - San Francisco 49ers

NFL RUSH nickname: the Bayside Boomer

Kicking in the windy conditions of San Francisco is a thankless task, but Lee had shown remarkable skills. You can't complain with an 48-yard average and hang time of 5.6 seconds.

Who is the best Punter in the NFL?

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