NFL's Best Logo?

What team has the best logo in the NFL?

Your first answer is probably your favorite team's. We get that, but what if you couldn't choose the logo of your favorite team?

You'd choose a logo that is cool, iconic and just a little menacing, right?

There's no doubt that Oakland Raiders logo is both cool and menacing at the same time, not to mention iconic. When you see it you can only think of the Raiders.

When the team was founded in 1959, they held a "name the team" contest. "Raiders" came in third but -- who cares? -- the team still chose it.

The original Raiders uniforms were black and gold, while the helmets were black with a white stripe and no logo. The first incarnation of the pirate logo was based on the likeness of a famous actor of the time, Randolph Scott. Al Davis had the team colors changed to the now familiar black and silver in 1963.

So, what do you think? Is the Raider logo the best in the NFL? Vote below and leave a comment to make your case.

Which is the best team logo in the NFL?

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