NFL's Best Kicker

You've got to feel a bit sorry for NFL kickers. Despite the fact that they play a critical role in a team's success, they receive little or no respect.

It's even been suggested that kickers aren't real athletes!

Sure, kickers are a big joke, but when they need to split the upright from 50 yards away to win a game, no one's laughing then.

In our survey of the league's kicking talent, one name reigns supreme: Matt Prater. Denver Broncos kicker Matt Prater is so automatic (92.2% completion rate) that it's easy to forget he's on the team.

Considering that he connected on an amazing six of seven kicks over 50 yards, with a long of 64 yards, how can anyone forget him?

Matt Prater is the NFLs best kicker!

Who is the best Kicker in the NFL?

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