NFL's Best Defensive Line

Throughout NFL history a dominant defensive line has been the cornerstone of every truly great team. If your defense can stifle the opponent's offensive game plan, then you stand a very good chance of winning a lot of games.

The St. Louis Rams are not yet considered a great team, but, if history holds true, they just might be closer than you think.

The Rams are led by their defensive ends, the unstoppable sack machine Robert Quinn (19 sacks), and veteran Chris Long (8 1/2 sacks). Talented run-stuffers Michael Brockers (5 1/2 sacks) and Kendall Langford (5.0 sacks) control the middle of the field. As if they needed any more talent, they drafted the best pass-rusher in the draft this year in tackle Aaron Donald. The Rams D will be down right scary-good this year!

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Which team has the best defensive line in the NFL?

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