NFLRUSH Fantasy Strategies

When I choose my NFLRUSH Fantasy team each week, my strategy is to first check which teams are playing each other. Then I check each defense’s ranking. If the defensive ranking is bad, I will pick a player from the team they are playing against to hopefully increase my odds that they will be better. It is important to know who all the good offensive players are. This takes prep work to know which offensive players you want.


The second thing I do is look for players who are showing momentum. It will usually take two or three good games in a row for me to pick them for my team. Last year I picked Michael Vick after he played a couple of solid games, and I got 56 points just with him alone. My strategy doesn’t always pay off, but that’s how I like to do it. And sometimes you just need to go with your gut feeling.

What factor makes the biggest contribution to a player's NFLRUSH Fantasy performance?

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