NFLRUSH Fantasy Grand Prize Winner!

Congratulations to our NFLRUSH Fantasy Grand Prize Winner, Jeremy! With a season score of 1,942 points, Jeremy was our undisputed #1 fantasy guru!

Jeremy won a $10,000 scholarship, two tickets to an NFL game, and an NFLRUSH prize pack. On top of that, Jeremy is a huge Bears fan, and was surprised with a visit from Bears chairman George H. McCaskey in front of his entire school!

We wanted to get insider fantasy knowledge from Jeremy, so here's some tips from the NFLRUSH Fantasy champ himself.

1. What key piece of advice would you give to a Fantasy newbie?

Pick the better player especially if they play bad teams.


2. How important is analyzing that week’s opposing team when making your choices?

Very important, because players that are great will be good against any team.  Average players against good teams they probably won't do too good.  Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodger, etc. can do good against a good team.


3. Do you have any players that you 'lock' for the season or do you set a new lineup each week?

I have many locked players including Adrian Peterson, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, and Drew Brees.


4. Are you mostly playing on your computer or on a mobile phone or tablet?

I mostly play on my iPhone.


5. Do you try to pick players from your favorite team(s), or just go for who's hot that week?

I like to pick players from my favorite team (the Bears) but I stick to the better players.


6. Do you think you can repeat as champion next year?

I would love to win again, but my little brother Joey (mojocitoburrito) who came in 11th this year, I hope he wins next year.


Stay tuned for the open of next season's NFLRUSH Fantasy game this summer!

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