NFL RUSH Combine Challenge!

Hundreds of the top college football players from aroung the country will travel to Indianapolis next week for the 2014 NFL Combine


And if they do well, the joy of playing in the NFL could be theirs.


To celebrate the NFL Combine season, we added 40 classic Combine images of current NFL players to the NFL RUSH App photo gallery.   Check out the NFL stars of today from back when they were just the draftees of tomorrow!


And if you do well, the joy of 20,000 NFL RUSH Zone Creditz could be yours!  


Listen up, because there's two ways to win: 


(1) Be the first person to create polls in the NFL RUSH app  with at least 20 of the players (with their names)


(2) Be the first to correctly list all 40 players in the comments section of this article


First person to do EITHER of those things wins 20,000 Creditz.  


Download the NFL RUSH app and go find these stars


Go on the clock February 22nd-25th exclusively on NFL Network.



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