NFL Rivals

Most states that have more than one team in the NFL are usually in different divisions. This is not the case for the state of Ohio. In the AFC North, the Bengals and Browns are fierce rivals. The Bengals and Browns are battling for the Ohio title. Their rivalry started over 43 years ago. Paul Brown founded both teams and they have similar color for uniforms. They play two times a year and have played against each other 79 times, in which the Bengals have the winning record of 42-37. When these teams play, you can be assured a sold out game, which is good news for Bengals fans. Two of the highest scoring games in NFL history were between the Browns and Bengals.

In addition to Bengals and Browns, Bengals and Steelers are ferocious enemies. Their rivalry started as well in 1970. These two teams meet twice a year. The Steelers usually get the victory, but the Bengals bring their best game when playing against the Steelers. The record is 52-33 in favor of the Steelers, however, things should be interesting in 2013, when the ex-Steeler James Harrison suits up in a Bengals uniform. Bengals fans are excited to have him join the club.


Who do you prefer Bengals or Steelers?

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