Stephen Jackson

RELAY RACE HIKE- Steven Jackson

Props: Football

Number of Players: 6-20

Time Required: 10-20 minutes


Two teams form one single-file line parallel to each other consisting of an equal number of players. The person at the front of each line holds the football. On GO, that person puts the ball backwards through their legs to hand off to the next person. That person takes the ball, turns around and passes the ball to the next person in line who then puts the ball backwards through their legs to hand off to the next person behind them. Once the ball gets to the last person in line, that person runs to the front of the line where they hand the ball off backwards through their legs to the next person who just was the first one in line. This process continues until the person who was first at the beginning of the race is the last person to receive the ball and run to the front of the line. The first team to finish successfully wins. However, if the ball touches the ground at any time, it must go back to the start of the line as it is, and be started again.


Tony Romo


Number of players: 3-6

Props: Football

Time Required: 10-20 minutes


Players form a circle facing each other. They toss the football to any other player in the circle while jumping in the air so as not to allow their feet to touch the ground at the same time their hands are touching the ball. The player who allows the ball to hit the ground or causes the ball to hit the ground without another player having a fair chance to make a play is given 1 point. Once you have accrued 5 points, you’re out. Last player standing wins.


Tom Brady



Props: Football

Number of players: 5-20

Time Required 15-30 minutes


All players stand in a circle with one player in the center. The player in the center calls out a person’s name and throws them the ball. That player catches the ball and quickly throws it back to the player in the center while calling out another player’s name. The player in the center must then quickly throw the ball to that person. Once that person catches the ball, they throw it back to the person in the middle and calls out another player’s name to whom the player in the center now has to throw the ball. You may not use the same player’s name twice. If the player in the center throws the ball to the wrong person they are out and the person who called out the name is now in the center.

Antonio Gates


FREEZE-IT HORSE- Antonio Gates

Props: Football

Number of players: 4-20

Time Required: 15-30 minutes


One player is determined as “it”. That person counts to 10 out loud as everyone else scatters. When he gets to 10 they all freeze in their spot. The “it” player takes 4 giant steps toward the closest person and throws the ball trying to hit him or her. If “it” hits the person, that person gets a letter “H”. If “it” misses, then “it” gets a letter “H”. Whomever spells out the word HORSE is out. The last player standing wins.

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