NFL PLAY 60 Character Camp - San Diego

Hello! My name is Jonathan and I am a San Diego Chargers Kid Reporter! Today I will be writing about my experience at the NFL PLAY 60 Character Camp. 


If you are wondering what Character Camps are about, they are intended to help kids build character while helping them get into the habit of being active for at least 60 minutes a day. Whether it's playing catch, going for a jog, or doing whatever else you like to do to be active, exercising 60 minutes a day will prevent obesity and help kids and adults have healthier bodies.


I had a great, fun-filled experience during this camp because it had amazing football drills, real professional football players from the NFL, and many kids from all over to interact with and meet. There were also fun scrimmage games at the end of they day where we got to play with teammates from our group and our coach. And on top of it,  our coach was an NFL quarterback, which was extremely cool!


The football drills were very exciting because the staff members taught all of us how to throw, catch, run plays and play defense the correct way. The coaches and staff were also very interactive and nice, which always creates an even better experience! At the very end of the day at this incredible camp, we all got a healthy and delicious snack to enjoy as well.


This camp was a very cool experience overall, and I would want to attend it again for sure! Thank you to all who helped build this camp and made it what it was. You created a phenomenal time!


NFLRUSH Kid Reporter

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