April 1, 2014 - The National Football League announced today the expansion of its highly successfully Punt, Pass and Kick (PPK) initiative. In addition to punting, passing and kicking, kids will now also compete in the tire, roll and greased pigskin events.

In the tire competition, an automobile tire will be hung with a rope from a pole such that the tire hangs four feet above the ground. The tire will be swung back and forth, and contestants will have five throws, from 15 yards away, to see how many they can get through the tire.

The roll event consists of athletes getting on all fours and rolling the football with their noses. Each contestant gets 30 seconds to see how far they can roll the football with their noses.

Finally, the greased pigskin event is expected to be a crowd favorite.  All competitors will be placed in a small pen on the field and one slippery greased football will be dropped in the middle.  Contestants will try to get the football and hold on to it for ten seconds while the other players try to take it away.

The new overall competition, called "Punt, Pass, Kick, Tire, Roll, and Grease" (PPKTRG), will launch in Fall 2014.

Which new PPK event are you most looking forward to?