Mystery Rusher

We know that everyone loves the Rusherz in the television series RUSH ZONE: Guardians Unleashed, but we wonder if you really know them?

Say, for instance, we were to cover a Rusher image so you could only see its outline?

Would you be able to tell which Rusher it was? Let's find out.

The following clues should help you guess the Rusher displayed in the image above.

When you think you know who it is, post your guess to the comments.

Mystery Rusher Clues:

1. This Rusher should consider updating his hairstyle because he still wears it "feathered."

2. You likely notice that he was one of the bright spots of the episode "White Out."

3. He uses his "squawk" to overwhelm and deafen any villain, and he's an expert at dive-bombing enemies from above.

4. His jittery personality might be the result of all the coffee he drinks.

5. He keeps earplugs in his nest at CenturyLink Field.

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