My Thoughts on NFL Rules

The ruling on the field is that the runner did not complete catch during the process of the catch. It is an incomplete pass; it will be third down Detroit.”

The final score of the Detroit Lions’ season opener in 2010 should have been Detroit 21 Chicago 19, but instead it was Detroit 14 Chicago 19 because the officials ruled Calvin Johnson’s clear catch an incompletion. The continuation rule really bugs me because that was an obvious catch. If anyone saw this past Monday night game (Chiefs vs. Chargers), Curtis Brinkley (the Chargers runningback) had crossed the plane, but the ball was knocked out while he was still in the air. If the continuation rule said Calvin Johnson’s catch was incomplete, than that should have been a fumble. The continuation rule has come up in many other situations including college. For instance when Stanford played USC, Andrew Luck threw a TD pass to his wide receiver. It was a clear catch, but at the very end of the play, he went down and dropped the ball. This was ruled an incompletion due to the continuation rule. The continuation rule in my opinion is worthless and should be removed from the rulebook. As a football fan I know that at any level a touchdown is a touchdown.

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