My Super Kid Game!

I entered the Quaker NFL PLAY 60 contest, answering three questions about being fit and healthy; I was lucky enough to win!  The prize was two tickets to a Seahawks game… and the Seahawks honored me by adding sideline passes to watch up close and personal the warm-ups before the game began! 


The amazing prize was to be on the game just before Christmas, the Seahawks versus the 49ers.  My mom and I drove up to the game early, so we could sight see while in Seattle.  I was able to check out the Asian Market and the Seahawks ProShop! 


The stadium is an inspiring experience, after clearing security, my mom and I were led onto the field for the pre-game warm-ups.  I was able to stand on the 10-yard line and watch the players run, perform drills, kick field goals and practice catching thrown footballs from simulated snaps… Really amazing experience!  While watching the warm-ups, a ball holder came by us an allowed me to hold the official ball and have my picture taken with it – I could not have been a happier kid!


Once the warm-ups were done, we found our seats for the game, located in the season ticket holders’ area of the end zone, in section 120, Row M – we were front and center to witness the blocked field goal, and it felt like I was right in the middle of the action!  The nice people behind us, allowed me to stand on the seat so I could see the field better, and every time the Seahawks scored a touchdown, I turned a circle to give high fives to everyone!... they were so nice to be around, I felt like I belonged. 


The game was so loud; it was like listening to people on the Extreme Scream at the Puyallup Fair!  My mom and I came away a little hoarse from so much cheering, I think we helped with a couple of the forced timeouts and false starts the 49ers had. 


As half-time approached, it snowed for a few minutes, which was a nice addition to the constant drizzle we were in.  It gave a little magical touch to the atmosphere of the game.  I had an awesome experience, and for my first ever game – the Seahawks and the people involved with allowing me the honor of the experience – did not disappoint!  I would totally recommend going to see a game live, the amped up atmosphere is something you just cannot get from staying at home!


Thank you to the Seahawks, Quaker, and NFL PLAY 60 for allowing me to have one the best memories of my life – a day spent with my mom in a game that was epic, on the field, in the stands and giving me the gift of a cherished memory that will never fade.


Thank you also to Miss Hefele for chatting with my mother and setting in motion all the steps that needed to happen in order for my first NFL experience to be beyond what I could have imagined.  Miss Hefele, you are greatly appreciated!



NFLRUSH Kid Reporter

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