My Prediction for the Best 2012 NFL Teams


The team who I think is going to have the best season next year in the NFC is the Green Bay Packers. They have a really strong offense. They have Aaron Rodgers, Greg Jennings, Clay Matthews, and Charles Woodson. Even Jordy Nelson was playingreally well.

Not only is their offense great, but the Packers' defense is ranked 29th in the NFL! They usually get a defensive touchdown every game and when they don't, they often struggle.

In the AFC, I think the Texans are going to do well. They made it to the Divisional Round in the playoffs this year and they barely lost against the Baltimore Ravens. And they did it with a 3rd string quarterback. Matt Schaub is healthy now and they still have Mario Williams, Andre Johnson, Demeco Ryans, and Arian Foster.

Between the Packers and the Texans, I think the Packers are better, but I can't wait for next season to see what happens!

Brandt Hedgpeth
NFL Rush Kid Reporter

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