Megacore Tip of the Week - New Missions!

Greetings, Guardians, and welcome to the Megacore Tip of the Week!   RZ 6.0 is preparing to send you and the other Guardians on new Missions within the next few weeks… but we’re getting reports on the ground that Wild Card has deployed new Blitz Botz to battle!
A couple of the Rusherz were doing some scouting today, and ran into one of these new Blitz Botz… it put up quite a fight!  The Rusherz had to retreat, but they were able to get this picture just in the nick of time:

Sorry about the quality – the scouting camera got really wrecked in that fight!  But hopefully this intel will help you in the coming battle.
If you haven’t jumped in to play Megacore yet, you can follow this link right here to help us wreck Wild Card’s latest plans!
And thanks for reading!  
Enter code ‘mysterybot’ in the RZ Store to get 1 Spirit now, to help you recruit new Rusherz to your team!

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