Mascot Matchup: Buccaneers vs Vikings

Get ready for the facial-hair face-off! Who's brawnier, who's bristlier, who's got the mutton chops to win? Is it Captain Fear of the Buccaneers, or Viktor of the Vikings?

Viktor the Viking is tenacious enough to thrive in the harsh Minnesota winters. You know you'd be scared if he charged at you with his flowing mustache mane and horned helmet!

On the other hand, Captain Fear is a swash-buckling pirate! He has cannons, swords, and a bushy beard to match that menacing mustache! If that doesn't scare you witless: you know he's scary because his name is Captain FEAR!

Who's your pick for most fearsome mustachioed mascot? Vote now!

Who's your pick for most fearsome mustachioed mascot?

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