Hello Kitty! HUH?

What would football games be like without the blustering, Motorola headset-wearing men pacing like caged animals up and down (and sometimes across) the sidelines? For every good team, there's almost always a mastermind coach behind the football juggernaut.


My favorite coach currently in the NFL is John Harbaugh of the Ravens. Having the opportunity to listen to him speak last year at the Red Zone Men's Conference in Maryland, I took full advantage. A very intriguing man he is for sure! Unlike many coaches, he never played a down in the NFL (unlike his brother Jim, who was signed as the head coach of the SF 49ers this past year) and is rumored to have his daughter's Hello Kitty drawings displayed in his office!


Hired to replace Brian Billick a few years ago, he has proved his worth to the franchise with three trips to the second round of the playoffs for three straight years, including a trip to the AFC title game in 2008. Harbaugh's a devout Christian (like me) and a very good role model, which reflects well on the Ravens organization.


Kid Reporter-KC

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