Tough. Mean. Maybe even a little bit angry.


Big. Strong. Fast. Smart.


Stuff the run. Cover the pass. Every so often, blitz the QB.

Out of all the positions in football, it's the linebackers that most clearly define a teams toughness.  


They are the QB of the defense.


They call the plays.

You must have great ones if you want to make noise in the playoffs.
And if you need a great one, these are the free agent linebackers you should be checking out:
Brian Orakpo. If Orakpo hits the free agent market, teams will be lining up to sign him.  The speedy OLB had 10 sacks last season and is in the prime of his career.
After Orakpo, we separate the linebackers into youth and experience:


If you want young talent to develop, the guys below all fit the bill. Each of these four players are 26-years old or younger with lots of potential to get even better.

    Jason Worilds

    Donald Butler

    Brandon Spikes

    Mike Neal



If you are looking to add some veteran leadership, these four stars have got what it takes.

    Karlos Dansby
    Daryl Smith
    Jon Beason
    Shaun Phillips


Which free agent LB would you sign?

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