Kyler's NFL Play 60 Youth Football Festival Story

"The players gave me good advice on how to stay active and fit." Wow what a day! The best experience I have had in years! The NFL Play 60 Youth Football Festival started off with a clinic of drills and workouts with many different NFL Draft prospects. After the drills, we got to play a quick game of flag football.

The best part of all came when I was able to meet and interview the players. The players gave me good advice on how to stay active and fit. They also inspired me to continue to play football.

Von Miller told me "never give up always play football"! Ryan Kerrigan said "Play football every chance you get and don't eat fast food"!

I asked retired player Donovan Darius what I can do to be a good football player. His advice was "Do you like math? Do well in math, the game is all about the angles"!

It was an unbelievable day. I hope I am fortunate enough to experience this again in the future. It is every kid's dream to be out on the field competing with and interviewing professional football players.

Editor's Note: Check later this week for Kyler's article from Night 1 of the 2011 NFL Draft.

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