Kid Reporter: Yes or No - 1st Edition


Hello everybody i'm Evan and welcome to another new series called Yes or No. The fun thing about this series is you decide in the comments yes or no to what I'm going to talk about. Today I'm going to talk about Nick Foles and the Eagles. You saw the performance by Nick Foles on Sunday vs. The Raiders. The Eagles won't let him start so let's start on Yes or No!

In my opinion I think Nick Foles should start because:
1. The Eagles need an accurate quarterback, not a mobile quarterback
2. For crying out loud he threw 7 touchdowns vs. The Raiders!
3. He can actually catch a snap and knows how to throw a ball unlike Michael Vick
4. He can throw farther than Michael Vick
5. Michael Vick has experience but doesn't learn

That's all for now for Yes or No don't forget to vote yes or no!
I'm Evan and I'm signing out!




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