Kid Reporter: WWW - Wow What a


Man, this was a Week 10 for a lot of teams. I want to congratulate the Rams on a big win over my Colts! Did not see that coming AT ALL! With Sam Bradford out and Indy coming off a huge win over Denver who would have guessed the out come of that game. Luck is definitely a 2nd half player right now, but the Rams came out from the start fired up and never stopped. Colts offense just never got it to a comfortable pattern. But, on the Rams behalf, I think losing Bradford gave them a "payback" attitude.

Nick Foles I do believe will make a "good" QB for the Eagles....a "great" QB with time. I say that because I feel like Philadelphia needs to build a little stronger offensive line that fits with Foles style of playing...time will tell. As a player I like Nick so best of luck to him.


Now, I want to shout out to my Colts fans that I think they deserve the best "Turn A 'round" team in the NFL.....And it's not just "Luck".....pun intended. AFC Champions!!!

Fans, enjoy the rest of the football weekend...





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