Kid Reporter: Winter is Finally Here!


On average for each team there are only about a couple two point conversions attempted all season. Last week was a different story. One of the coldest days this year was Sunday. From a blizzard in Philadelphia to icy weather in Baltimore, it was cold! The Eagles and Lions played in that blizzard which made two point conversions look regular. This was supposed to be a battle of good quarterbacks but the weather made them look like rookies again. The weather outside was frightful but there was no fire to make it delightful.

Let it Snow- The forecast called for snow but not for the type of conditions like we saw on the field. This was the Eagles chance to show that anybody can compete with Detroit when they're not on their home turf. They succeeded even with the terrible conditions and now look like they are going to beat Dallas for the division. They even attempted seven two point conversions which is crazy and twice as much as a average teams attempts for a whole year. There were many struggles because of the weather but there was one great performance, LeSean McCoy. He recorded 217 yards and two touchdowns. He had an outstanding day against a solid defensive line. Another player who had a good day was Jeremy Ross. He returned both a 57 yard punt and a 98 yard kickoff return for a touchdown. That is great for the type of weather they played in.

Ultimately it was a throw down when the snow piled down. This win took the Eagles into first place and Detroit tied with the Bears. This game was my favorite game because it was action packed and fun to watch. Every game was exciting from the almost best finish ever in Pittsburgh to big plays in the last minutes in Baltimore. Hopefully this December is filled with many snow days that doesn't only have kids smiling but fans too when they watch another fun and exciting winter thriller.




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