Kid Reporter: Who's In and Who's Out


The Bengals will be the surprise team in the playoffs. Early in the season, they lost a couple of games to teams they should have won. The losses that the Bengals had were loss by a just a few points and most times in overtime. They had some key player injuries that really hurt their defense. They recovered by beating tough teams like New England and Green Bay. Recently, some players started to turn it on. Players like punter Kevin Huber has been punting great this whole year and this week was the AFC player of the week, AJ Green has over 1,100 yards rushing this season and RB Ben Jarvus Green-Ellis and Giovani Bernard have 614 and 521 rushing yards. Their team is working together and really feeding off their beastly defensive charge.

The Chiefs have hit a slump. I do not think they will make the playoffs. They won the first nine games in a row and they were playing like machines. Recently, they took a turn for the worse. They have lost three games in a row. To make this worse, they lost in weeks that Denver has won which put them at a further disadvantage in their division. Coming into week 14, the Chiefs are 9-3. It seems like the team has lost their mojo.




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