Kid Reporter: This Year: RGIII

Last year, RGIII didn't play too well because of the following environments he was put in: RGIII and Mike Shanahan were rumored to have a bad relationship and didn't agree on all the game conditions. RGIII didn't have a full recovery that season and because of this he wasn't as seasoned as all the other NFL players. He also wasn't as familiar with the program as he is now. Those were just the downsides that RGII had last year that gave him a disastrous last season. This year RGIII is refreshed and ready start and strong. Not to mention this year he had a full off-season. Hopefully, this year he won't be injured again. This year RGIII has a brand new coach: Jay Gruden. He also has an awesome receiver: DeSean Jackson! So as you can see RGIII is: reenergized, powered up, ready, strong, and in a perfect condition to leave everybody eating his dust.

Will RGIII do better this year than last year?

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