Kid Reporter: The Quarterback Match Up, 1st Edition VIKINGS


Hello I'm Evan R. and welcome to the first article of Quarterback Match Up. Today we are talking about the Vikings situation of quarterbacks. We have, three count them THREE, quarterbacks. Josh Freeman, Matt Cassel, and Christian Ponder. I will be doing reasons that these quarterbacks are good and how they are bad. So let's get started shall we?

1. Josh Freeman
Can throw deep
Not afraid to throw
Throws terrible
On third down he always rolls out to the right and throws it 10 yards out of bounds!
All in all summary:
I don't know why they would get this quarterback, he is so bad throwing the ball it's not worth having him on your team! Stick with the quarterback who knows your plays and doesn't do the same thing over and over again on third down.

2. Matt Cassel
Throws good short
Not afraid to throw
Can scramble out of the pocket
Throws interceptions 24/7
Fumbles easy
All in All summary:
Decent but not as good as Christen Ponder. He throws interceptions so much he has a phone service about it! SO CALL 1-800-555-PIK6 TODAY for your free interception and "How to throw a Pick 6 booklet"! No wonder the Chiefs got rid of him because he led them to 2-14 due to his interceptions.

3. Christian Ponder
Trusts himself
Makes good choices
Knows the plays
Trusts his arm a little too much
Throws it deep too often
All in All summary:
If he's healthy, this is the quarterback you choose for Pete's Sake! He does mostly everything right for his offense and they deserve a quarterback like this. THAT'S THAT this quarterback needs to start if there going to get a win.

This is Evan and I'm signing out!

Which quarterback is the best? Tell me in the comments




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