Kid Reporter: The Playoffs

As of right now the playoff picture is already set in the NFC, but not so much in the AFC. In the NFC the teams that are most likely going into the playoffs are:


NFC South: Saints

NFC West: Seahawks

NFC North: Lions

NFC East: Cowboys/Giants

Wild Card #1: Panthers

Wild Card. #2: 49ers

As of right now, in the NFC east, there is no team that is running away with the division lead. I do still believe that the Giants are a contender in this division being only two games out of the lead.

The AFC is a different story. There are many teams that can make a Playoff run. Here are my choices:


AFC East: Patriots

AFC North: Bengals

AFC West: Broncos/Chiefs

AFC South: Colts

Wild Card #1: Broncos/Chiefs

Wild Card #2: Chargers/Jets

In the AFC West there are two really good teams fighting for the first place in their division and who ever comes in second will definitely make the first Wild Card spot. If the Chargers and Jets keep up what they are doing, they will most likely play a play-in game to get the second Wild Card spot.

The winner of the NFC Conference is:

NFC: Seahawks

The winner of the AFC Conference is:

AFC: Colts

This is an interesting pick with the Colts winning the AFC, but they have one of the best quarterbacks in the League and also one of the best running backs in the league as well. The Seahawks is a no doubt pick for the NFC winner. No one can compete with them and that’s why they deserve the NFC champions.

Super Bowl Winners: Seattle Seahawks


League MVP: Peyton Manning

This is a no doubt about it pick Peyton has 33 touchdowns with only six picks only through week eleven.

Most Improved Player: Alshon Jeffery

He is definitely a player who has improved a lot. He has three touchdowns with 735 yards on the year so far.

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