Kid Reporter: The Playoffs - San Diego at the Jungle


I think that the Cincinnati Bengals are going to win their first playoff game in over two decades. The Bengals already defeated San Diego once this year. A.J. Green and the Cincinnati offense will put up a good amount of points and will not turn the ball over. In order to do this, they need every person on the offense need to come to play. Andy Dalton will need to have protection from the line to have time to throw and avoid turnovers. Andy has taken the Bengals to the playoffs all three years he has been in Cincinnati. We need Giovani Bernard and BenJarvus Green-Ellis to convert on 3rd down plays. BenJarvus Green-Ellis is very reliable to not fumble. The Bengals have a few good receivers that can make plays when needed.

I think that the defense has been carrying the Bengals when they play at home. This week is a home game so we need the defense. They need to sack Philip Rivers, make tackles, force punts and force turnovers. The linebackers need to make tackles and sack the quarterback. Our cornerbacks need to stop the wide receiver from catching the ball and gaining gains. The defense plays well together and they create momentum on the field for the offensive. The Bengals need to work together, come ready and win this game to get to the next game. I hope they go to the Super Bowl.




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