Kid Reporter: The New England Patriots are 5-1 for a reason


Jimmy Graham, the all star tight end did not have a catch in the game but Tom Brady still managed to win the game. It took eight plays in the last two minutes but the Patriots were able to get a win. Tom Brady was able to remain calm and tried not to be pressured and make mistakes. The Patriots always had confidence in having a chance to win. The Saints defense had already thought they had won the game when the New England Patriots showed them that they can drive the ball down the field. The Saints played a soft defense, allowing too many yards per play. Even the rookie Thompkins was able to participate and catch the final touchdown pass in the game winning drive.




I think both the New England Patriots and the New Orleans Saints will make it to the playoffs. Both will be able to win their division because they are better than most teams. They may even play each other again in the playoffs.

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