Kid Reporter: The Big Upset


This game was a real let down. Losing by 2 points by the way of a safety is not fun. Andy Dalton did not have a good game. He threw 3 picks while Tannehill threw zero. Although Dalton had 3 picks, he also had 338 yards. You should expect good results in scoring when you have 338 yards. Bernard had 79 yards rushing and Green had 128 yards in receptions. The Bengals needed to get something going offensively and they couldn't. The Bengals had plenty of yards to have a good game but they couldn't execute those into points. They did convert their 3 downs very well. I think the Bengals defensive usually puts the offensive in a good position and provides the energy that the team needs. LastThursday the defense only had 3 sacks. The defense losing one of their leaders in Geno Atkins along with the loss of Rey Mauluga cripples the defense for Cincinnati. Also not having Andrew Whitworth hurts too because he is a leader of the team too. The next few weeks for the Bengals will be tough. The remainder of the schedule is not as competitive so I hope they still get into the playoffs.




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