Kid Reporter: Texans Fantasy Outlook

The 2013 NFL season is approaching quickly and fantasy football is coming soon. I am going to give you a prediction of how my players from the Texans are going to do this year. I am going to give you an over under on points for my favorite players.


Matt Schaub: Last Year- 218 points/This Year- Over
I think Matt Schaub had a down year last year. He played in many games where he didn't throw the ball much and had a banged up receiving corp. This year the addition of Deandre Hopkins should help Schaub. I think he will easily be over what he accomplished last year.


Arian Foster: Last Year- 246 points/This Year- Under
Arian Foster didn't rush for too many yards last year but he scored the most touchdowns in the NFL last year. I think he won't be able to replicate his production with a healthy passing attack.


Andre Johnson: Last Year- 176 points/This Year- Under
Andre was a beast last year. He was second in the NFL with 1,598 receiving yards. However Andre only scored 4 touchdowns last year. I think he won't have nearly the receiving yards, but he will have a few more touchdowns. I think Deandre Hopkins will also take a load off of Andre as well. I have Andre at a slight under.


Deandre Hopkins: There is no last year as Deandre Hopkins is a rookie. He will strongly improve the Texans receiving corp. He is going to take a load off of Andre Johnson and shine with his speed and great hands. I am going to predict about 50 receptions, 600 yards and 3 to 5 touchdowns. I predict about 70 to 90 points for Deandre.


Owen Daniels: Last Year- 100 points/This Year- Over
It just seems like Owen had a down year last year. He wasn't a big part of the the red zone offense but managed 7 touchdowns. I think he will have a better year. I have him slightly over for points next year.


Defense: Last Year- 149 points/This Year- Over
The Texans biggest weakness last year was giving up a lot of points. This year, the Texans face many high powered, fast offenses. Also they face read option teams as well. I think the defense will be better with J.J. "Swatt's" 59 inch vertical leap, and the addition of Ed Reed to the defense.



The biggest impact will be getting Brian Cushing back to sure up the linebackers. Hopefully the Texans will have more interceptions, about the same amount of points, and less points allowed. I think the Texans defense will be majorly improved from the disappointing finish of the 2012 season.


This is going to be an exciting year for the Houston Texans. Hopefully the veterans can lead the team and help get more production from rookies and role players. The Texans 2013 season is going to be a fantasy roller coaster with a hopefully happy ending.







 Matthew H






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