Kid Reporter: Surprise! Colts beat Broncos


I think Andrew Luck practiced hard and trained for victory against the Broncos. I'd say Peyton was a little too anxious about playing in Indianapolis and the Colts were well prepared for the game. The Colts did better than the Broncos expected. The Colts fought hard to beat the Broncos. The Colts proved that they are as competitive as any team out there and will likely be able to make the playoffs. The Broncos were able to score 16 points in the 4 quarter but didn't get enough to win the game. The Broncos offense did a good job because they were able to score 33 points, but that was not enough to beat the Colts. The Broncos offense and Colts defense apparently was not the main show, because the Colts offense was able to score 39 points.

The loss of Reggie Wayne will need to be made up by Marvin Harrison. This could certainly slow the Colts down, but we will have to see if the offense is able to recover from the loss of Wayne.




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