Kid Reporter: Starter Skepticism


There is quarterback controversy all over the National Football League. Often, these battles begin in the offseason and then carry into the regular season. Normally, when teams are facing a quarterback controversy, it gets ugly. A coach can either look at this scenario as the glass half empty, or is it full? The manager of a team can look at the two quarterbacks he has battling for the starting job on his roster and think to himself, "Which is more talented?" or "Which throws more interceptions and will not score in the red zone as often as the other?" No matter what the case, they are left with an option. The teams that are facing this fateful decision include Minnesota, Oakland, and a couple others. Here are all the battles in detail and how they will turn out.

First, Mike Glennon replaces Josh Freeman in Tampa Bay. The rookie has looked solid so far in the one game he has played. It is not appropriate to judge a quarterback, especially a rookie quarterback, after only one game. Josh Freeman led the Bucs to 0-3, but with Mike Glennon, they are still winless. It is improbable that Freeman will become a starter again this year, but like Matt Cassel, he should try to find another job somewhere else.

Speaking of Matt Cassel, that brings us to our second quarterback controversy in the NFC. The Vikings' Christian Ponder, like Freeman, caused Minnesota to play through the first three weeks without a win. That is why Matt Cassel, the 2-14 Chiefs quarterback from the year before, had to step in. He came out victorious in his first week as a starter wearing a purple jersey, but when you have to put in a quarterback like Cassel, you know things are not moving along so well in your town.

Now we go down to Texas where, not the Cowboys, but the Texans are strangely enough in a difficult situation with their starter, Matt Schaub. Schaub led his Houston team into the postseason last year, but now he does not look like the same quarterback. After three straight weeks with interceptions returned for touchdowns, some people, including his own team, are questioning his ability to be the leader of this talented Texans offense. If Schaub can have a solid week, he will probably silent this talk for the most part, but so far, he is yet to have a week like so.

The Raiders are in a position in which they are looking at too mediocre quarterbacks. Matt Flynn has really had only one game that had teams even really wanting considering him as a starter. Terrelle Pryor's mobile abilities make him a tough opponent for Flynn. Matt should take advantage of the fact that Pryor is injure  and use this time to prove that he deserves the starting job for the Raiders. In the end, unfortunately, Pryor's injury will lose him his job.

Every one of these controversies will make coaches skeptical over something they do not want to be skeptical about. None of these quarterbacks have performed at the level their fans and their coaches are expecting them too. Maybe, with some luck, these quarterbacks will start to perform more efficiently and start heading their team in the right direction.





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