Kid Reporter: Shanahan Dynasty in Washington Comes to a Close


After a a rough start and a rough finish the 3-13 Washington Redskins have much to think about this offseason. Earlier the Redskins parted ways with Head Coach Mike Shanahan, Offensive Coordinator Kyle Shanahan, Defensive Coordinator Jim Haslett and 6 other members of the staff. It looks cloudy in Washington's future because a lot of their key staff is gone but it isn't totally dark their is some light at the end of the tunnell. Robert Griffin III is due for a 2nd breakout season and as my Uncle Rex would say "It is part of being a Redskins fan, you must be patient."


To that, I believe it is what we must do. Although patience will help us, we must look to improve our team as well. Our Defense is ranked 18th and our offense is ranked 9th, we still have much to improve on before we can reach the postseason again. I think coming out of the 2015 NFL Draft, the Redskins organazation needs to think on improving their defensive backfield because I do not think the players they have now are any beneficial to the team. Giving the fact that they do not hold a 1st Round Pick in this year's draft, I have a feeling we may be stuck like this for 1 more season.

The player who needs the most improvement on the Washington Redskins Roster is Josh Wilson. From any football fans point of view from watching him, he is pretty bad. Last season he finished behind Corey Webster for most touchdowns let up and thank god he didn't screw up in the big games. He needs to work on his ability to stay on a man while looking for the ball. He also needs to get tackles and prevent plays from extending longer than they need to. The Redskins need a fresh slate and new beginnings behind Alfred Morris and Robert Griffin III, they are the face of the franchise. 



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