Kid Reporter: Secret Fantasy Stars



When you think of the New York Jets, you don't think about the best fantasy players in the league. Only Laron Landry (who is no longer with the team) and Antonio Cromartie made the Pro Bowl last season. But there are some players on this year's team that are flying under the radar and are breakout stars.



This season they have added some key pieces but have lost some key pieces, including their super star cornerback Darelle Revis in a trade. The question is, who is going to be their breakout fantasy star?


Chris Ivory was traded early in the 2013 draft from New Orleans. He never got a starting job with the Saints because of their depth at running back. But the Jets saw potential and made a move. He is one of the toughest running backs in the NFL.



Some people compare Ivory to Marshawn Lynch, without the experience of being a starting running back. They have the same level of toughness, speed, and style of running. If he can avoid injury he will be a top 10 running back this season.


Braylon Edwards and Kellen Winslow Jr. also have a shot at being standout fantasy players for the Jets. You may be asking why I list them together. The reason is they are better as a teammates. It was reported Thursday that Braylon Edwards had signed with the Jets and the Braylon Edwards/Kellen Winslow tandem is back together.



You may not know what I'm talking about, but in 2007 these two played together in Cleveland and combined for 21 touchdowns and close to 2,300 yards. Edwards can catch balls in hard coverage and tough places; which will help whoever starts at quarterback.



Santonio Holmes is still recovering from his foot injury and may not be ready for Week 1. This gives Edwards a good chance to be the number 1 wide receiver. Winslow should be a real sleeper and win the starting tight end job.



Many people don't know this, but Winslow was productive in Cleveland and Tampa Bay. If the Jets get a taste of what this tandem produced in Cleveland, their wide receiver and tight end production will get better.


While these players are sleepers, you never know when the next breakout player will appear.








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