Kid Reporter: San Francisco 49ers FB Bruce Miller Q&A

After being a standout defensive end at UCF, were you surprised when the Niners selected you to play fullback?  Did you know ahead of time?


“I had heard of the idea. I wasn’t really sure what was going to happen, but yeah, I was definitely surprised with their decision to switch me over to offense. But definitely grateful for the opportunity.”


How did being a DE in college help you as a fullback in the NFL?


“Just basic things. I think I’m very quick to recognize defenses’ blitzes. I think I can locate my guy in protections pretty easily. So, just knowing where defenders are and where they are going to be helps me on offense.”


Although the outcome of the Super Bowl was bad for you, what were the highlights of Super Bowl week?  And what was going through your mind when the lights went out?


“The highlights of Super Bowl week were definitely the team events, being there with the guys, taking in the experience. Another highlight was the ending of the game, the comeback. Making it from a blowout and turning it into a good game was exciting. When the lights went out, I had a second to take a deep breath, take in the moment and focus on what we had to do.”


What are your expectations for yourself and your team this season?


“Expectations this year are for a solid season. Win the division, win the West and then a Super Bowl victory. Those are our expectations.”



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