Kid Reporter: San Diego @ Washington


Now if you were to look at records and player stats this season, the Chargers should've, could've, would've won their game in Washington. But if you were watching the game on CBS, you would have seen a hard fought game.


In the second quarter it was a nail-biter for Washington, San Diego was winning 14-7. Then in the third each team would be going crazy because it was tied, this went on until the final whistle of the 4 quarter. The Chargers were blocking just about everything kicked or thrown near them.





In the beginning the Charger's D was taking over O. They swatted and intercepted the ball in the endzone for a defensive touchdown. In 3rd and 9 RGIII does something amazing that could really have injured him. In his postgame press conference, he said that he put his wings on to fly (LOL). He kept it and ran/flipped for a first down. Bad luck strikes for the 'Skins, or does it? The Chargers score a touchdown, but the ball doesn't go over the pylon the foot moves it down. So then, the touchdown was reversed. The games stays tied and then in the end in overtime the Redskins put up 6 and win it: 30-24.

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