Kid Reporter: Romo's Heartbreaking Loss


Tony Romo finally looked like the million dollar quarterback the Dallas Cowboys paid him to be. He led the Cowboys to one of the biggest shootouts in NFL history against the Broncos! He was flawless, making him and Peyton Manning look like equals. But knowing Tony Romo's history, he has struggled to limit his turnovers in important games.

The play-
It was a 2nd and 16 they needed to execute because there was only 2:04 left in a 48-48 game. Tony Romo got the shotgun snap and as Jason Witten ran a route to the middle of the field. There was tight coverage, but he took a chance and it resulted in another fourth quarter turnover for Romo in a close game.

The mistake-
Tony Romo has often tried to force throws that end up as mistakes. This time he threw into tight coverage where usually it is a good match with Jason Witten. Unfortunately for Romo, Danny Travathen, the Broncos linebacker, played great coverage and took advantage of Romo's poor throw behind Witten.

Even though there was tight coverage on Jason Witten, there was one receiver open who might have been able to gain the 16 yards. Demarco Murray was wide open on a check down without a blue and orange jersey in sight. Murray could have taken a short play into a huge first down. If Tony Romo would have made the short throw it might have changed the result of the game.

I don't think it has just been bad luck for Tony Romo. Poor play in tight games has been a constant problem for him. In the past, he has dropped the snap for a game winning field goal, threw the game closing interception against the Redskins that determined the NFC East Championship, and last Sunday ruined his history making performance by throwing the costly interception and securing the Broncos' victory. Tony Romo needs to improve his fourth quarter play or else the Cowboy's could be headed for another heartbreaking loss.




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