Kid Reporter: Redskins Beat Chargers in a Crazy Game


Though there were a lot of teams on their bye week, I managed to find a decent NFL game, Chargers at Redskins, this weekend that turned out to be a thrilling game. The game included brilliant offensive performances by quarterbacks Philip Rivers and Robert Griffin III, great defensive performances by both teams, and a few special teams surprises from the Chargers. The Redskins won in overtime on a Darrell Young touchdown, 30-24. Though I was rooting for San Diego, this turned out to be a interesting game that is worth analyzing. Here are 3 notes I had about the game.

 1. Washington has a lot of talent offensively.
Robert Griffin III and the Skins haven't been doing well recently, but they performed very well during this game. Fullback Darrell Young scored 3 touchdowns on 3 carries, Pierre Garcon had over 150 yards of receiving, and tight end Jordan Reed is now a potential perennial Pro Bowler. Young running back Alfred Morris led a strong running game for the Redskins and Griffin also had some key runs in the game. Garcon, who I believe was the MVP of the game, had his best game of the year by far, easily shown in the remarkable highlight catches on long throws that set Washington into scoring position. The rookie tight end Jordan Reed was unstoppable, catching throws in traffic, gaining chunks of yards after the catch, and running in the option.

 2. Super Rookies!
Reed and Chargers wide receiver Keenan Allen were outstanding during the game and both had big contributions for their teams.Despite a drop on third down, Allen had a fantastic performance. He had over 100 yards catching for the 3rd time in 4 weeks, and has shown great chemistry with Philip Rivers.

3. The Chargers Should Still Be Happy
While the Chargers lost, they should still be very happy as they hope to go to New York in February. That is because all teams that have won the Super Bowl after the year 2010 have played the Eagles in the Eagles' first home game, and have lost to the Redskins. The Chargers are obviously the only team that played the first game in Philly, and lost to the Redskins. Chargers fans should be happy; this only means that San Diego is closer to a Super Bowl victory!

Even though the Chargers lost, this was one of the best Week 9 games and one of the best overtime games of the season.



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