Kid Reporter: Press Conference Recap

I attended two press conferences last week at the Rose Theater located inside of the Time Warner Center on 60th street and  Broadway.  The first was Bruno Mars, who was the halftime performer for the Super Bowl. The second press conference was with Commissioner Roger Goodell.

I thought that these press conferences would be much like media day, but it wasn't. There were still lots of people and cameras there but it was more organized this time.

Bruno Mars has a lot of popular songs on the radio.  I searched him on the Internet and saw that as a child, he did a lot of Elvis Presley impersonations.  I wanted to know if he did any new impersonations as an adult, so I asked. He laughed, asked me who put me up to this, and then said no. It was cool speaking with a pop star.

I also spoke with Commissioner Roger Goodell.  I asked him what was some of his hardest choice he's made as commissioner and did he regret any of them.  He laughed and said that he didn't have enough time to talk about all the things that he regrets.  


"As a commissioner, some decisions I have make are not popular," Goodell said, "but my main responsibility is to do what's best for the game long-term and for the fans."



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