Kid Reporter: Post Season Preview


After a crazy 10 weeks in the NFL, the playoff picture is clear is some cases and blurry in others. The AFC East once again belongs to the New England Patriots, with the Jets coming off a bye week and a huge win against the Saints the week before to remain alive in the Wild Card race.

The AFC North right now belongs to the Bengals, however that can change this week, if the Browns upset the Bengals. Although I'm 99% sure that won't happen, that's why they play the game. If by chance they do, the Browns are only 1 game back and then anything can happen.

One thing is for sure at least 2 playoff teams will come out of the AFC West, with both the Broncos and the Chiefs guaranteed playoff spots and the Charges chances fading for the Wild Card spot.

I predict the AFC will look like this:
1 - New England
2 - Kansas City
3 - Indianapolis
4 - Cincinnati
5 - Denver
6- New York Jets - by way of their easy remaining schedule

Over in the NFC West I think Seattle wins the division and San Francisco gets the wild card.

In the NFC South New Orleans wins the division. We will see what happens with Carolina, but I believe with a game against New England and two against the Saints that they fall short.

The NFC North with Aaron Rodgers hurt, it's a fight between Detroit and Chicago. With a battered Jay Cutler, Detroit will win the division, but Chicago will sneak in for the 2nd wild card.

The NFC East is up for grabs. Washington and New York are only 2 back. Philadelphia and Dallas still have their bye weeks. This can come down to the last week of the season when Philly plays Dallas and New York plays Washington. Anything can happen, but here are my predictions.

1 - Seattle
2 - New Orleans
3 - Detroit
4 - New York Giants
5 - San Fran
6 - Chicago

When all is said and done, it will be New Orleans vs. New England in the Super Bowl and Drew Brees will win his second championship.





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