Kid Reporter: Playoff Picture


Hi everyone! Well, it is now Week 11, and it is time to start looking forward to the Playoffs.
Here is my Playoff prediction:

AFC East: The New England Patriots (Not a Shocker!)

AFC North: The Cincinnati Bengals.

AFC South: The Indianapolis Colts.

AFC West: The Denver Broncos.

AFC Wild Card: Kansas City Chiefs, Tennessee Titans.

NFC East: The Philadelphia Eagles.

NFC North: The Detroit Lions.
NFC South:New Orleans Saints.

NFC West: Seattle Seahawks.

NFC Wild Card: The Dallas Cowboys, The San Francisco 49ers.

I think all the teams listed here, are playing hard, they don' t give up, and they try to win, no matter what.


My Super Bowl prediction : The Denver Broncos against the New Orleans Saints.




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