Kid Reporter: Peyton and the Undefeated Broncos


I think that Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos will be undefeated in the regular season. After four regular season games, he has sixteen touchdowns, 1,470 yards and zero picks. The offensive line is protecting Peyton really well so he can do what he does best. They have only allowed five sacks on Peyton. One of the reasons why Peyton is doing so well is because he has three receivers that are combined for 14 touchdowns. The receivers are Demaryius Thomas, Julius Thomas and Wes Welker. The Broncos defense has 11 sacks on the opponent's quarterback. They have intercrpted the ball six times.

If another team will beat the Broncos they need to blow through the offensive line and rush Peyton. If they could rush his pass to cause an interception or uncompleted passes this would help Peyton not be such a threat. Good luck trying to beat polished Peyton machine.




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