Kid Reporter: NFL Pro Bowl

Who are you going to vote for this Pro Bowl? I, being a Redskins fan, am probably going to vote for a lot of Redskins. But, I am also going to use NFLRUSH Fantasy and look at the best players of and also use that to help me out.


For instance the best QB right now according to NFLRUSH Fantasy is Drew Brees because he has the most Fantasy points. One of the players this year hasn't played that well and he is on my favorite team the Redskins. RGIII has not played well this season and that has impacted the Redskins greatly. Another thing that has been underestimated is the NFC East division.


I think that Pro Bowl 2.0 isn't as great as an idea as playing a conferenced game. Conferences are better because they brought rivals together to cheer for one team.This time, two people who could easily be argued as the best or the worst analysts are the leaders of the two teams. So what do you think of the over all Pro Bowl and what would rate on a scale of 1 to 10?




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