Kid Reporter: NFC Playoff Showdown

Even though they didn't play well against the New Orleans Saints, the Carolina Panthers hopes and dreams of getting to the playoffs are not crushed yet. With their loss to the Saints, the Panthers can still even win their division and can probably get a wild card spot. If the Carolina Panthers win the rest of their games they have a good chance to win their division.

The Saints are still a great team even though they lost to the Seattle Seahawks two weeks ago. They came back strong against the Panthers to show that. The big reason that the Saints lost to the Seahawks is because Seattle has a good defense and offense that is very physical, and the Saints only have a good offense with a defense that is just ok.

I think all of these three teams get to the playoffs, but the team that stands out to me is the Seattle Seahawks. I think they will be the team from the NFC to go to the Super Bowl, but I think they will lose to the Denver Broncos in an amazing game!

It will be interesting to see how it all pans out!

Who do you think represents the NFC in the Super Bowl?
Carolina Panthers
New Orleans Saints
Seattle Seahawks
Other (leave in comments)

Which NFC team do you think is going to the Super Bowl?

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