Kid Reporter: My Week 14 Picks


These are my picks for Week 14. The teams that I believe will win are capitalized.

TEXANS:Jaguars. I believe that the Texans are ready to break their 10 game losing streak and win this game.

RAVENS:Vikings. I think that the Ravens will come into this game pumed up, and ready to play. The Vikings are coming off a big overtime win, but will lose this game.

COLTS: Bengals. Both teams are great. They are both 8-4. 1 team will go 9-4. That will be the Indianapolis Colts. They have lost to some easy teams, but they will play hard and wear out the Bengals.

PATRIOTS:Browns. The Patriots have the better team in this situation. Josh Gordon is on a roll but besides that, they don't have much

JETS:Raiders. I had a tough time deciding this one. But, the Jets will win this one. It will be a very close game though.

EAGLES:Lions. Eagles are on a roll. Nick Foles has not thrown an interception this season. Their receivers are playing great. They will win this tough game.

DOLPHINS:Steelers. The Dolphins will have a tough game. Hopefully the team is distracted by the Mike Tomlin incident last Thursday. The Dolphins will come away with the win this week.

BUCCANEERS: Bills. The Buccaneers suffered a tough loss last week. But they get over it and win this tough match up.

CHIEFS: Redskins. The Chiefs have lost 3 in a row. The Redskins have lost 4 in a row. The Chiefs will break their streak and win this week.

PACKERS: Falcons. The Packers are striving to win a game. The loss of Aaron Rodgers has been a huge affect, and we all have seen it. But the Packers may have Aaron Rodgers back, and may win this game.

BRONCOS: Titans. The Broncos came up with a big win last week facing the Chiefs. They will make sure not to win another game and to do that, they have to win this game.

CARDINALS:Rams. Will be a close game. I had a hard decision picking this game. The Cardinals will win this one though.

GIANTS: Chargers. The Giants are coming off with a strong win. The Chargers, are coming off of a devastating lose. The Giants will practice hard and win this week.

SEAHAWKS:49ers. The Seahawks have been outstanding this year! 11-1 record! The 49er are doing good, but not as well. Seahawks are the champions of this game.

SAINTS: Panthers. Both teams are doing good this season.I think that the Saints will come off of a very rough loss and beat the Panthers.

COWBOYS: Bears. The Cowboys did their job last week, while the Bears did not. The Bears have lost to some easy teams this year. The Cowboys have fought to the end of every game. Cowboys win this week.

Last week: 13-3 Season:17-15.

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